Sandra Faire - Selected Credits


So You Think You Can Dance Canada (CTV): 4 seasons 92 episodes Executive Producer/Showrunner/Director Season One episodes
Comedy Now! (TCN): 15 seasons 223 episodes (aired in U.S. on Comedy Central season one episodes) Created/Executive Producer
Comedy Inc. (TCN/CTV): 5 seasons 65 episodes (also aired in U.S. on Spike TV for 2 seasons) Created/Executive Producer/Showrunner/Story Editor/ Contributing Writer
Rita MacNeil & Friends (CBC-TV):3 seasons 46 episodes Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
Comics (standup series) (CBC-TV):3 seasons 59 episodes Created/Executive Producer
Ear to the Ground (CBC-TV): 3 seasons 66 episodes Created/Executive Producer
Music Specials  
Anne Murray’s Classic Christmas (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
Anne Murray’s Croonin' (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
Anne Murray in Nova Scotia (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
Anne Murray in Disney World (CBC-TV/Disney Channel) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
Anne Murray’s Greatest Hits Volume II (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Additional Writing
Anne Murray’s Family Christmas (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Additional Writing
Bryan Adams Live in Belgium (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer
Bryan Adams Waking Up the Nation (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Showrunner
Buffy Sainte-Marie Up Where We Belong (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
Corey Hart Special (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
George Fox Country on Campus (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
George Fox Time of My Life (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
k.d. lang’s Buffalo Café (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Additional Writing
Michelle (Michelle Wright) (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer/Director
Rita MacNeil’s Cape Breton (CTV) Executive Producer/Showrunner/Writer
Rita MacNeil presents Men of the Deeps (CTV) Executive Producer/Showrunner
Rita MacNeil’s Christmas (CTV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
Rita MacNeil’s Celtic Celebration (CTV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner
Rita MacNeil’s Once Upon A Christmas (CBC-TV) Executive Producer/Producer/Showrunner/Writer
The Rankin Family Reunion (CTV) Executive Producer/Showrunner
Film & Documentaries  
My Own Private Oshawa: Feature Film Executive Producer/Producer/Writer, Additional Material
Rita MacNeil: On A Personal Note (CTV) Executive Producer
Tears Are Not Enough (Live Aid) (CBC-TV) Executive Producer
News & Documentaries  
The Newsmakers (CBC-TV) Producer/Director
W5 (CTV) Director
Canada AM (CTV) Director
CTV National News Director
*Barenaked Ladies (Anne Murray’s Classic Christmas/Rita & Friends)
*Jann Arden (Rita & Friends)
*Joni Mitchell (Tears are not Enough/Rita & Friends)
*Patti LaBelle (Anne Murray’s Family Christmas/Rita MacNeil’s Christmas)
*Paul Shaffer (CASBY Awards)
*Salé and Pelletier (Anne Murray’s Classic Christmas)
*Shania Twain (George Fox Time of My Life/Rita & Friends)
*Trisha Yearwood & Garth Brooks (George Fox Country on Campus)
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